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22 December
16 November

Old friends New board

Old friends New board

  Recently I had the pleasure of building an old friend an new longboard. I’ve know Nige Murgatroyd for nearly as long as I’ve been shaping and boards like this have a special importance. Nige’s new 9’8″ Mode Nige is a talented photographer and you can see his work here:

15 September


What people are saying

  • Lumus
    You made a lumus for my wedding day with inlaid material from my shirt I wore on the day. I just want to say it is fantastic in all possible ways, I can’t tell you the number of times people have stopped me on the beach or in the car park to ask about the board and often comment on the shirt material. More than that, though, it is an amazing craft! I’ve surfed it everywhere from the Cornish coasts to the frigid waters of Canada – including on the Great Lakes – Caribbean reefs, Portuguese shories, and the reeling points and home in NZ. It has been amazing across all the conditions and really worked to facilitate a smooth, rounded, and connected style of surfing across a range of conditions that I have always wanted to do as opposed to the hack and three turns to the beach thruster approach. I’ve always struggled (mostly through ability but certainly also in relation to the boards I was riding) to get that flowing style on the traditional thruster, especially given we seldom get the perfect conditions for those kind of boards, and just love the lumus, the speed and glide it has across the face and how it holds that through drawn out turns.
    - Lumus
  • Universal

    What can i say other than i just love it, so fast and smooth to ride and the craftsmen is second to none, had some great sessions this weekend with it.

    Thanks again take it easy,


    - Universal
  • Lumus

    Had an awesome session at low tide watergate yesterday. Decent size and despite having to dodge lots of close outs the ones the opened up were great. The board is helping me do exactly what I wanted in taking a higher line sooner on the wave and beating this sections. I absolutely love it!! Best session yet on the board and loving more than anything ive ridden before.



    - Lumus